Mr. X Stitch: Future Heirlooms


Future Heirlooms – Kathie Webb
March 4, 2011
by Joetta Maue

I first came across the work of artist Kathie Webb while I was excitedly perusing the pages of the current Fiber Art International Catalogue and her work seriously jumped off the page and into my heart. Her image in the show is an image of a domestic space with incredible detail included, the piles, the laundry, the cords of plugs, etc… and right in the center are 2 figures one being held in the arms by the other, also incredible detail in their clothing and body shape but their faces are left blank, not a stitch. I was so moved and intrigued, why all this detail and no detail in the face, why was this adult holding another figure that was roughly adult size, why was that room so messy and overwhelmed with stuff. So I seeked some information and here is the amazing story I found…

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